6 Tips for Taking Gorgeous Snowy Winter Wedding PicturesWatch

When there's snow outside, you can't help but want to freeze-frame the gorgeous backdrop forever-and on your wedding day, even more so. But the chilly weather and precipitating elements can make it just a bit trickier to snap those gorgeous images that you'll cherish the rest of your lives. Professional photographer Lauren Fair provides some tips on how to make those wintery flakes work for you and your wedding party.

1. Trust your wedding photographer

If you're going a photographer who specializes in wedding photography (and we recommend that you do!), know that the one behind the camera will help you look your best, no matter where you're snapping your wedding photos. "When brides plan winter weddings, we often have chilly temps and snowy days to work with," Fair says. "Just knowing that the couple is super excited about having these photos together, and will trust you to go out in the elements for a few minutes makes a world of difference in creating beautiful winter-wedding images!"

2. Bring a backup for your feet

When it's portrait time, you'll want to make sure you have shoes that are up for the winter-weather task. Don't feel like you have to struggle through the shoot in high heels or flats! "Warm, waterproof boots will be hidden under your dress, but will keep your feet toasty in the elements." Fair says. "Or rock it out and buy an extra-cute pair of snow boots you can show off!"

3. Cuddle up to your spouse

Fair says the best winter photos are the ones where you can tell that the couple is so happy, that they don't even notice how cold it is outside. "Wrap your arms around each other, hold hands, share a warm blanket, rest into each other's warmth and enjoy the time together!" she adds. "Snow falling can make for the most magical photos if the couple allows themselves to relaxed (no hunched shoulders!) and enjoy it!"

4. Accessorize your dress

Bring an accessory to keep you warm during the outdoor photoshoot, Fair suggests, including a vintage fur shawl, a warm and pretty coat, cute mittens, or fur scarves. These can add a beautiful extra layer to your wedding-day fashion, she says. "You can also tuck hand warmers into the pockets of your wrap or suit jacket to keep your hands toasty!" she says.

5. Map out the setting

You won't want to freeze while you're scoping out a snowy photo-worthy area on your wedding day. "Have your locations pre-determined with your photographer to maximize photo-taking, and minimize wandering around in the cold," Fair says. A thought-out plan with a few great spots can help move the photos along. "We tend to move a bit quicker with our couples and bridal parties in very cold temps!" she adds.

6. Don't rule out the dark

If while looking out the window you see some flurries coming down on your wedding eve, grab your photographer and head outside. "Falling snow can create incredible nighttime shots!" Fair says.